Patented Superior Blade Design
Slim "L" shaped channeled blade
with easy blade detachment facility
after intubation, thereby
decreasing chance of tube displacement

# Good, Easy visualization of vocal cords and easy passage of tracheal tube.
# Very little chance for airway trauma.
# Very gentle lifting force required for good laryngoscopic view.
# The adult Linscope blade can take tracheal tube sizes from 5,5 to 8,5.
# Easy technic to master.
# Can intubate with mouth opening  as little as 17 mm.
# Can be used for intubating patients with cervical spine immobilization.
# Easy to pull out Linscope blade after intubation due to superior design of the blade.
# Technique of use is easy to master therefore Linscope can be used by beginners as well as experienced Anesthesiologists.
# Decreases intubation time in difficult airway cases.
# No stylet or bougie required.
# Wired and wireless versions available.
# Very low cost per use.

With Linscope,
difficult intubation
becomes very easy!